Condos in South Florida

South Florida, popularly known as SoFlo, is the fourth-most populous urban region in the United States and comprises the Sunshine State’s southernmost counties.

Unlike many other central cities surrounded by real estate development, much of South Florida is a natural preserved area and consists of designated agricultural reserves. Development is restricted to the narrow, dense strips along the coast and the oceanfront resort cities give it an “Old Florida” kind of feel.

Some its main cities include Boca Raton, with its gorgeous landscaped park, shimmering beaches and the average home sale price is $381,600; Fort Lauderdale, with its thoroughbred racing, deep sea diving and the median home price of $273,400; Fort Myers, with its exotic beaches and the median home sale price of $160,800; Hollywood, with its statuesque palms, sprawling Hard Rock resort and the median home price of $197,100; Key West, with its opportunities for deep sea fishing and snorkeling and the median home price of $474,100; Miami, with its glass bottom boats and cruises and the median home price of $241,200; Naples, with its shopping districts, Everglades and the median home sale price of $770,000 and Palm Beach, with its white-sand beaches, gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean and the median home price of $995,600.

Overall, the price for condos in South Florida range from $39,000 for a 1-bed, 1-bath home in Pembroke Pines to $2,450,000, for a 3-bed, 3-bath ocean-fronted home in Hollywood.

The beautiful, culturally diverse and wonderfully green South Florida is the only part of the United States that boasts a tropical climate. No matter what lifestyle and cultural background you belong to, South Florida has a place that’s just right for you.